Sprint completed! The halfway point

Just a few minutes ago, I finished going over the last few words of the 27,000, just barely hitting my goal*. Phew!

With that, I’m officially at the halfway mark, which puts me massively behind where I wanted to be at this point. My goal was to finish editing the entire book during my season off from episodic blogging at RandomC, and I’m halfway there instead. Whoops! Granted, the first quarter of the book was the toughest by far, requiring many full rewrites, and overall I’m pleased with the quality improvements I’m seeing. It just goes to show you what happens when good plans…well, clearly this isn’t a new problem. At least I’ve gotten better at setting goals for myself, so there’s that.

I’m going to take a whole two days (gasp!) off from editing to take care of a bunch of pesky errands I’ve been putting off for months, and then it’s right back into it. After all, a wise man once said “work hard, for those who are honest have the last laugh”.

Well, I’ll work hard at least. Hopefully that will be enough.

* Sticklers might note that I’m actually posting this on the 10th, but since I haven’t gone to sleep since the 9th yet it’s still the same day to me. That’s how I always planned it, I swear, lay off me!!

4 thoughts on “Sprint completed! The halfway point

  1. THE TENTH DOES NOT COUNT (haha kidding). Glad you made it!

    Don’t worry about that first quarter of the book thing. I always end up having to rewrite the first chapter (but I usually keep the first line).

    Revisit real life for a while and then go back to being a hikikomo — I mean, back to writing. XD

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