Urgency & the rush to come

I’ve been dragging my feet on editing/rewriting lately. Partially this was because of the holidays, and partially because this is my umpteenth draft, and I’d rather this book be done so I can move onto the next story. (I should probably get better at doing things right the first time, eh?) But those aren’t the only reasons.

Right now, I don’t have to rush. No one will get on my case. Okay, so I’ll know, and some of my friends will get on me about it, and maybe some of you too, but that’s not too many people. I don’t have to go fast right now because there’s no pressure. I haven’t set expectations other than “it’ll come out sometime”, and I’m still on track to deliver that.

After I publish? Not so much. I have other stories planned for the same characters, and if I get any kind of good reception then I know my readers will expect more, and soon. This will no longer be a potential thing, it will be something I need to do now before people lose their patience with me. Expectations will have been established, and I’ll need to fulfill them.

I’m a Type B personality by nature, so I always work best with a deadline. My getting this far without one could even be considered something of a miracle. Yet soon I will have that deadline, that pressure to write, and I hope it will compel me. Until then I must compel myself.

Fight on, fight on, fight on self. I’m the only one who can do this, so I’ve got to do it. Write on, write on, write on.

4 thoughts on “Urgency & the rush to come

  1. Write on, keep going, starting up again after stopping is harder than just going, even if it’s at a slower pace. By the way, you will announce it on the blog when you publish your book, right?
    -a young writer

    • Thanks, I read this comment right when I was dragging my feet and it got me going : ) And yes, I’ll certainly announce when my book is published. Trust me, you ought to be more concerned about shutting me up than me being too quiet about it!

      • I’m going to be the first in line when you become famous, then they won’t be able to shut ME up, I’ll be saying I got that awesome new book that I already know I’ll enjoy from an awesome writer that I can’t wait to praise!

        -a (giddy) young writer

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