Wage Slave Rebellion: Coming very soon

My debut novel, Wage Slave Rebellion, will be out soon. Barring any unexpected issues, it should be available for purchase within a week.

I’ll be back to tell you all when it’s officially released. In the meantime, I’m going to quietly freak out. Ahhhhhh!

11 thoughts on “Wage Slave Rebellion: Coming very soon

  1. Oh kewl! I just recently started reading through some posts and really enjoy your way of looking at writing and life as a whole! I’m very curious about what story you have to tell!

    Any chance you have posted any information about it, or will that all be mentioned when the novel is released? Sorry if you have already mentioned something about it before… I just couldn’t find it :'(

    • I’ve posted a few tidbits on recent posts, but with the release only a few days away, for now it’s just easier to say “Wait and see.” Say, 3-4 days from now.

    • Wage Slave Rebellion is an urban fantasy adventure set in a sword & sorcery world. It’s about three friends who hate their crappy jobs, so they decide to become monster-slaying adventurers instead. It’s kind of like Terry Pratchett spliced with a badass action anime.

      More to come in … hmm, two days now : )

    • You’re in luck! There will, in fact, only be a digital version. At least at first. A print version will come out later on, but it’s all ebook from the get-go.

  2. It’s interesting to see someone else on way to publish a story with Anime inspirations…

    I’m still on way to get the first of twelve volumes of my Light Novel-inspired novel series published here in Portugal but I’m hopeful that it may work out somehow.

    I’m currently halfway into writing the eleventh volume, hopefully I may be done with the main story after New Years.

    Good luck with you book, I may think of getting an ebook later on.

    • You haven’t published the first, and you’re already writing the eleventh? Wow! That’s crazy and impressive!

      Good luck, and I hope you’ll check out my story soon.

      • Thanks, I’ll try to check it out later.

        I know it’s crazy when serialization has yet to begin but I really wanted to be done with the main story in case something were to make me delay it’s completion, since this kind of thing asks for a good amount of a person’s time to be done properly.

        • It’s good that you kept barreling forward even when publication was uncertain. I wish I had more stories ahead written, instead of just plotted, but I’m too impatient to let them sit on the shelf for long. That’s great discipline to keep going. You have my respect.

          • The thing is… I was already on way to write the fourth volume when some persons managed to convince me to risk sending it to publishers.
            That was almost two years ago…
            Since then, I’ve been getting a few offers from publishers but the conditions were far from good and it’s been dragging out since then…
            If with this publisher things go well, I’ll finally have my dream begin.

            The top-most of my dream is to get a chance to have my Novels adapted to Anime, in Japan.

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