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I had another post in mind today, but I had to stop and write this. It’s too important not to say immediately, for myself as much as you.

“Stop thinking of a new habit as something you have to do, but as something you are allowed to do.” -Leo Babauta,

Some days writing feels like a chore. “Ugh, I need to get started,” I’ll say. “I have to write today.”

Have to? Have to? I get to sit down and tell stories, to spin tales with nothing but the words I know and the ideas in my mind, and I treat this like a chore? Unbelievable. Ridiculous. That is the greatest of rewards!

If you have something you want to do, but you’re having trouble getting started, flip it on its head. It’s not a chore, its a reward. It’s not something you have to do, but something you get to do. Don’t treat fun (but hard) challenges like you’re doing the laundry. Treat them as what they are – a reward.

I think I’ll go reward myself right now.

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